Genshin Impact’s Electro Traveler Preview

Genshin Impact recently received its massive Inazuma update that brought a brand new region filled with new enemies, areas, and quests to explore. One of the most exciting changes is that the player character known as the Traveler can now wield the Electro element as they explore Inazuma. The previous regions of Mondstadt and Liyue allowed players to wield the Anemo and Geo elements respectively and the inclusion of Electro will give players more flexibility when fighting and exploring Inazuma.

Despite being the only character in Genshin Impact with the ability to swap elements, the Anemo and Geo versions of Traveler weren’t particularly strong and would often be neglected in team compositions. However, the new Electro Traveler brings a whole new playstyle to the player character and offers far more versatility in the support role. Players who have previously prioritized other characters might want to circle back and invest in their Traveler.

Electro Traveler’s New Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst

Similar to the Anemo and Geo versions of Traveler in Genshin Impact, the Electro Traveler maintains the same attack pattern while still wielding swords. However, both the elemental skill and elemental burst have changed to reflect the Electro resonance. The elemental skill is called “Lightning Blade” and it unleashes three thunder shadows that deal Electro damage to opponents. Importantly, it also leaves behind an Abundance Amulet after hitting an opponent. These amulets can be collected by any character to restore elemental energy and increase energy recharge for the duration of the amulet.

The elemental burst for Electro Traveler is called “Bellowing Thunder” which knocks back nearby enemies while dealing Electro damage to them. When the active character’s normal or charged attacks hit enemies, they will call forth Falling Thunder, which deals Electro damage and regenerates energy for that character. Although these two skills aren’t too impressive damage-wise, it turns Electro Traveler’s kit into a powerful burst support or Electro battery.

Electro Traveler’s Playstyle

As their kit suggests, Electro Traveler takes up a support role in Genshin Impact. However, they have a lot more versatility in team compositions because they can act as both a burst support or Electro battery depending on a player’s needs. Compared to other Electro characters like Fischl or Beidou, the Traveler doesn’t output as much damage or apply as much Electro. However, the Electro Traveler is able to benefit team members that are highly energy-dependent like Noelle or Qiqi in order to fire off their burst as much as possible. Furthermore, for characters who are able to generate their own energy particles like Eula, pairing them up with the Electro Traveler means that their firing their burst is far more consistent off cooldown.

Of course, the biggest advantage that Traveler has in Genshin Impact is that their constellations will be free. Getting a C6 Fischl or Beidou is more difficult and while Traveler might not be able to outclass them in their specialties, players will find that investing in Traveler will give them more flexibility in their teams. In particular, the Electro Traveler’s fourth constellation “Fickle Cloudstrike” makes it so that whenever a character with under 35% energy collects an Abundance Amulet, their energy restored is increased by 100%. Although players typically don’t want to rely on specific constellations, Electro Traveler will be able to get them naturally.

Future-Proofing Genshin Impact Teams

Electro Traveler also looks to be a solid investment for future Inazuma characters like the Electro Archon Baal or Kujou Sara. If they turn out to be DPS characters in Genshin Impact, the Electro Traveler can act as a solid Electro battery for those characters to allow them to recharge their bursts quickly. Currently, the Electro Traveler can only level up their constellations three times but further updates will provide more opportunities to finish the rest. Since Traveler’s constellations are free, they offer more versatility in the support role than Fischl or Beidou who rely on players rolling on banners or buying copies through shops. C6 Fischl easily eclipses other Electro supports but not every player will be lucky enough to obtain all those copies.

Another benefit of investing in the Electro Traveler is that they will always be relevant thanks to the fact that they can wield every Genshin Impact element. Of course, it’s likely that Traveler’s powers will always be limited since they’re free but their ability to freely change elements gives more flexibility in teams. Dendro as an element hasn’t even been released and if players aren’t lucky on the character banners, they will have to use Traveler if they need Dendro to clear content. Although Traveler will likely never be stronger than most of the 4-star characters let alone the 5-stars, they will continue to be relevant throughout future updates.

Electro Traveler Builds

Electro Traveler does have some drawbacks and this means that players will have to mitigate these issues through their builds. Notably, Electro Traveler’s own energy recharge is quite poor and their damage scaling is weak compared to Geo or Anemo. This means that they’re fairly limited in a DPS role and will require players to invest more resources to make it work. In particular, Electro Traveler would require an Electro battery support to generate energy and will need stronger artifact rolls to deal damage.

Electro Traveler is best suited in the support role and thankfully, one of the new artifact domains seems to be perfectly suited for them. The new domain Momiji-Dyed Court offers an artifact set called the Emblem of Severed Fate which gives a 20% boost to Energy Recharge with the 2-piece set and increases elemental burst damage by 25% of a character’s Energy Recharge up to a maximum of 75% bonus damage for the 4-piece set. The 4-piece set would work best for Electro Traveler in the sub DPS or support role and wielding a weapon like the Favonius Sword or Sacrificial Sword would further amplify their Energy Recharge.

As it stands, Electro Traveler seems to fill a specific role in teams but also has a lot of versatility thanks to the nature of the free constellations and upgrades. While players might not necessarily want to replace their Fischl or Beidou, Electro Traveler is a lot smoother to build and offers plenty of utility in energy generation for hungry, burst-centric DPS characters like Eula. Investing in Electro Traveler isn’t just a good idea for Inazuma but it also gives a bit of future-proofing to future teams since Traveler will be the only character capable of wielding all of the elements.

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