Rolling the Perfect Artifacts in Genshin Impact

With the release of Version 1.3 for Genshin Impact right around the corner, more and more players are reaching the current endgame. Now, one of the more controversial topics surrounding the game is the difficulty in leveling character artifacts given that they depend heavily on pure luck. As players reach the later stages of the game, it becomes apparent how much effort and investment are required to roll perfect artifacts for their characters.

However, there are a few methods for players to mitigate the investment they put into artifact rolling even if it’s mostly luck. Understanding which artifacts are worth rolling and which ones should be saved for fodder can save players some regret in the future. As Resin is difficult to come by, players should look to maximize their efficiency whenever possible to ensure they have all the resources they need.

For players new to artifacts, they are basically equipment items that boost a character’s stats. There are five different artifact types: flowers, feathers, sands, goblets, and circlets. Each of the individual artifacts belongs to a set, and equipping a certain amount of artifacts in a set will grant a character special bonuses. All artifacts have a main stat along with four potential substats that work together to buff up characters.

Genshin Impact Artifact Stats and Substats

Each type of artifact has its own exclusive main stat that cannot be found on other types. On the other hand, the four lines of substats can consist of anything so long as it isn’t the same as the main stat. Rerolling can alter these stats for a price.

  • Flower – Fixed Main Stat for HP
  • Feathers – Fixed Main Stat for Attack
  • Sands – Random Main Stat for Energy Recharge (but can also contain HP, ATK, DEF, and Elemental Mastery)
  • Goblets – Random Main Stat for elemental damage/physical damage bonus
  • Circlets – Random Main Stat for Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Healing Bonus stats

Genshin Impact Artifact Rolls

Given the wide spread of possible main stats on artifacts and the near-infinite possibilities for substats, players will likely never roll the “perfect” artifact set. When an artifact is levelled to 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20, one of the substats is upgraded at random and players have no control over which substat is chosen. This can easily result in great initial substat rolls being ruined by bad luck on the upgraded substats. This problem is compounded by the fact that substats have their own spread in values meaning that even if players manage to roll great substats, their initial values could be weaker than their potential counterparts.

Therefore, rolling the “perfect” artifact set in is nearly impossible, and players should focus on the elements that do not require luck. The most important part of rolling artifacts is ensuring that each character has a standard in mind. Although each character will require different main stats and substats, there are general rules that can be applied. Almost all characters will require their goblet to have the exclusive elemental damage/physical damage main stat. DPS characters will favor Crit Rate and Crit Damage heavily as it scales better than pure attack while healing supports will make great use of the Healing Bonus main stat. Combining these general rules together with minor adjustments based on weapons, talents, and attributes will make artifact rolling much easier.

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact doesn’t mention a number of important details regarding levelling artifacts, and it often requires trial and error to discover certain mechanics which wastes precious resources.

  • Artifacts boost a random substat at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.
  • When players complete an artifact domain, a 5-star artifact drop can have either 3 or 4 substat lines. If the artifact has 3 substat lines, it will reveal the fourth substat once it reaches level 4. However, this means that the artifact will lose out on the extra boost at level 4 meaning artifacts with an initial 4 substat lines will usually be more desirable than the ones with only 3.
  • The final EXP jump from level 16 to level 20 is massive, and if the artifact will likely be replaced down the line, it’s better to use that EXP in other low-levelled artifacts with potential. A general rule of thumb for players is to aim for two solid substats out of four along with the desired main stat. As long as the artifact boosts every four levels improves one of the two desired substats, most players will be satisfied with the enhancement to their characters.
  • However, players should also be cautious not to just level artifacts indefinitely until they find results they are satisfied with. Levelling artifacts consumes a lot of resources including Mora and artifact fodder. Therefore, if an artifact hasn’t boosted the desired substats by its third roll (level 12 for a 5 star artifact), it’s better for players to turn it into fodder. Even if it manages to hit great boosts on its last two rolls, the resources invested will likely not match the return.

Genshin Impact’s Artifact Priority

As resources are limited in Genshin Impact, it’s also important for players to understand artifact priority. Since flowers and feathers have a fixed main stat, they are the easiest pieces to get desired substats on and will likely take priority when levelling. Another important priority for most players is elemental damage/physical damage goblets. Unfortunately, since goblets do not have a fixed main stat, getting the specific elemental damage bonus required can be a long, painful task. Moreover, each element has a unique main stat meaning a goblet from a Pyro set can easily end up with a Cryo bonus.

Thankfully, set bonuses in Genshin Impact only require four artifacts so a goblet from an undesired set can still work well so long as the main stat is the element bonus that a player needs. Any goblet with a matching elemental bonus will take priority over other artifacts as it improves raw damage output greatly on any elemental attack or skill. Since a specific elemental goblet is difficult to find, players should consider using the first one they discover even if it’s only 4 stars or has undesirable substats. Even a placeholder goblet with a matching elemental bonus can improve damage output greatly compared to other goblet main stats like ATK%.

Although rolling artifacts in Genshin Impact can be difficult and heavily reliant on luck, players can save precious resources as long as they are aware of how the levelling mechanics work. While it’s nearly impossible to roll “perfect” artifacts, having two solid substats along with a desired main stat can go a long way in making characters stronger.

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