Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2 – Tkay Maidza

In a short 27 minutes, Tkay Maidza packs an incredible amount of personality, energy, and confidence into Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2. The second volume to her 2018 EP, the production takes a turn as it incorporates trap, RnB, industrial hip hop, and electronica together with her mellow vocals. Versatility has always been Tkay Maidza’s strong suit and she puts that on full display here weaving between tracks with addictive melodies and energetic flows. Although the EP is very much pop-rap, she still manages to sound nothing like her contemporaries thanks to the diverse production that she always manages to match perfectly.

Tkay Maidza’s performance on Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2 is brimming with energy and confidence. While the EP pulls from numerous influences, there’s a lushness that helps make the sounds come alive. On songs like “You Sad”, a playful acoustic guitar mixes together with harmonized vocals and samples to create a mellow atmosphere. “Awake”, her collaboration with JPEGMAFIA, takes the production in an industrial-influenced direction showcasing a more aggressive flow and intensity. No matter what direction the production takes though, Tkay Maidza always shifts her flow smoothly to complement it.

On Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2, the pop sensibilities come through full force with infectious hooks on every song. On “Shook”, the minimal beat doesn’t feel like it has a lot of room to work with apart from the rattling drums yet Tkay Maidza comes through with a banger hook and nimble flow. Adventurous as it is, there are moments like the opening song “My Flowers” that feel comparatively uninspired to the rest of the EP. It features a groovy, lo-fi sound but Tkay’s reflection about her growth never seems to blossom into something as compelling as her other metaphors. Nevertheless, the rest of the EP is so unique that these weak moments never linger for long before listeners dive into the next innovative idea. Tkay Maidza feels like a true pop star on Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2, and if she continues to experiment with her sound, I can’t wait to hear what Vol. 3 sounds like.

Must Listens: Shook, You Sad, 24k


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